How do I spell that word again?

We all know that while furiously typing out that story from our head, trying to correct spelling errors breaks our concentration and ultimately the flow of the story.  We rely on our editing process, and those red underlines to sort these errors out.  But what happens when you just can not remember how to spell that word?  You right click, expecting your word processor to help you out, but it does not provide the answer of how to spell that word you are looking for.  You try Googling, but it seems even they do not know how to spell that word…  You are just not able to figure out how that word is spelt.

You do not want to have to re-write the sentence or use another word, it will break the flow of the paragraph, but it looks like you will have no option!

Stop!  Take a deep breath and see the image below, with the help of some Grammar Experts and graphical wizards, the following image was created to help you figure out how to spell that word!

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