Amnesia by Heather Scrooby
A Romance Novel

A contemporary romance novel with a psychological twist.

Love is one of the most complex emotions.  Who knows what makes you fall in love?  Is it simply fate?  In Amnesia the main characters have to answer their own questions of love…  What if you find the perfect man after you are already happily married? Is it possible to love two people as a life partner even if they are very different?

Jane lives a perfect life with a wonderful child and adoring husband despite having had amnesia for the past five years.  Her past has been minutely detailed by a private detective.  So why does she have realistic dreams of a mysterious man who has nothing to do with her past?  When the family doctor reveals a shocking secret and Eleanor Tanner starts to invade her life, Jane searches for answers.  What she learns threatens to destroy everything she thinks she knows and loves.

Sometimes someone loves you so much they would risk everything to make you theirs…

Available in both eBook and printed copy.

You can get this Book in print or eBook version from Amazon by clicking HERE

– Enjoy –


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