The Landlord


The effects of child abuse do not simply vanish as an abused child grows older.  Child abuse has long lasting and far reaching consequences as this fictional book attempts to highlight.

It tells the story of Jason and Julia, who have been searching for the perfect home.  When they finally find it, there is only one drawback-the Landlord lives on the premises. Despite this, because the rental is so reasonable, they decide to rent the house.

The Landlord wastes no time in attempting to worm his way into their life, causing tension between Jason and Julia.

Julia is certain the Landlord has cameras in the house and is spying on them, but Jason refuses to listen to her.

What the couple save financially in renting the house ends up costing them much more than they are willing to pay.

Available in both eBook and printed copy.

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The Landlord

– Enjoy –

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